Bryan Lawrence


The road to exascale for climate science: crossing borders or crossing disciplines, can one do both at the same time?

The grand challenges of climate science have significant infrastructural implications, which lead to requirements for integrated e-infrastructure - integrated at national and international scales, but serving users from a variety of disciplines. We begin by introducing the challenges, then discuss the implications for computing, data, networks, software, and people, beginning from existing activities, and looking out as far as we can see (spoiler alert: not far!)

Environmental Modelling at both large and small scales: How simulating complexity leads to a range of computing challenges

Global earth system models simulate a range of processes from atmospheres and oceans, to clouds and carbon cycling, but while such models are (arguably) well suited for projecting long-term global futures, they aren't yet much use for making long-term predictions at regional and local scales. Understanding our back yard depends on higher resolution models and more locally integrated models, but we can't yet have all three in one, so we have to make progress in all three directions.

JASMIN: the Joint Analysis System for big data

JASMIN is designed to deliver a shared data infrastructure for the UK environmental science community.  We describe the hybrid batch/cloud environment and some of the compromises we have made to provide a curated archive inside and alongside various levels of managed and unmanaged cloud ... touching on the difference between backup and archive at scale. Some examples of JASMIN usage are provided, and the speed up on workflows we have achieved.